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Massage Therapy
for Dogs

Like people, getting massage treatments from a certified Canine Massage Therapist can help your dog relax, relieve muscle soreness and stiffness in joints, and help improve their quality of life.

Canine Massage Therapy is a complimentary option to go along with your dog's Veterinary care.  Canine Massage Therapists are not authorized to diagnose or treat specific medical conditions.  If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to your Veterinarian about your dog receiving Massage Therapy.



I also massage humans here!

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Can Massage Therapy Help My Dog?

Dogs unfortunately can't tell us that they're in pain, but there are signs that may be an indication that something is wrong. These signs include:

  • sensitivity to touch in specific areas

  • change in the way they walk, stand, or sit

  • favouring one side of the body

  • one side of the body feeling less "bulky" in muscles than the other

  • difficulty going up or down the stairs

  • difficulty getting up from a lying or seated position

  • change in behaviour - just doesn't seem like their usual self

If your dog is experiencing any of these, speak to your Veterinarian for a diagnosis. 


Massage Therapy can help with decreasing pain, tension, soreness, and stiffness, while also improving circulation and stress relief which can make healing more comfortable.

Is Canine Massage Therapy Covered by Pet Insurance?

It could be.  Some insurance companies cover it under "holistic health" so it's best to ask your insurance company to make sure.

Image by Stas Svechnikov

What is a Canine Massage Therapy Session Like?


After a walk and being fed at least 30 minutes prior, your dog is ready for their massage!

Here is what to expect at your dog's appointment:

Health History Check

At the first appointment, I will be asking questions to learn about your dog and go over your dog's health history.  This allows me to plan my assessment better, ensure that it is safe for me to proceed with treatment, and figure out the goals for your dog's massage.

Psychologist Session


The purpose of the assessment is to firstly see if Massage Therapy is safe for your dog, and if so, what is the best treatment plan to reach your goals.  The assessment will start with observing your dog's posture, followed by watching your dog walk and run, and then touching their body to feel for any possible areas of inflammation, muscle imbalance, or sensitivity.  After the assessment, I will go over my findings with you so we can discuss the best massage treatment plan for your dog.

Happy Dog


Based on your goals, and the findings from the assessment, a massage is performed that is best for your dog's needs.  Your dog will need to be in a room with enough space to feel safe and give them enough room to move around if they must.  Distractions, which can even be you, may interrupt your dogs ability to relax, so a quiet environment, with just myself and your dog, is best. 

Cute Dog

Home Care

After your dog's massage, you may be given suggestions that can help improve your dog's well-being in between massage sessions.  Types of home care include:

  • Hydrotherapy - hot/cold packs, or soaks

  • Massage - simple techniques that you can do for them

  • Stretching - to help improve movement

Wet Dog
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An additional travel fee may apply depending on your location. 
The total cost will be disclosed when booking your appointment.



The purpose of the consultation is so that you can get to know me, and I can get to know about your dog before their first appointment. 


Concerned your dog may not do well with a massage?  No problem!  We can discuss a plan of action which may include bringing in their favourite toys, or treats!

$100 - Initial Appointment

Assessment + Massage

Before the first massage, a full body assessment is mandatory to ensure a safe and effective massage treatment. This will include a full health history questionnaire, a physical assessment to check movement, and me answering any questions that you may have! 

The duration of the first massage will depend on your dog.  It is perfectly normal for a dog to be anxious on their first massage!  I'm a new human touching uncomfortable areas and they don't know if I'm safe.  Patience and time will be given to them until they tell me they're done with the appointment.   


Follow-up 30-minute massages once or twice a week for 2-4 weeks (about 4 sessions total) may be recommended to get your dog comfortable with me.


Follow-up Massage - 1 hr

Best for full body work, or if a specific condition requires more time. 


Also good for dogs that may take a while to relax and need a little more social time to build trust during the massage.


Follow-up Massage - 30 mins

Best for prepping before a sporting event work, or for dogs who cannot tolerate longer treatments, such as puppies or dogs still getting used to receiving a massage.

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