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Oh, hello :)

My Story

My journey as a Massage Therapist started when I was only 6 years old. My family members would ask me for massages and I was told I was a natural. I think a part of that was because I liked knowing I can help people feel better by taking away some of their pain.  

I became licensed in 2005, and my career has taken me to several places.  I've helped people in both clinical and luxury spa settings with physical, mental, and emotional pain. I've added more "tools to my toolbox" with hours of continuing education and by always reading more books.  I've been invited to massage at big-named concerts, as well as athletic and celebrity events.  I've managed my own in-home massage therapy business with other RMTs as my associates.  I've taught Massage Therapy at a private college and watched my students become future RMTs.  I've worked with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario to help ensure professionalism from my colleagues, and safety for the public.  

After massaging people for so many years, I decided to add dogs to my client list! My journey to massaging dogs began when my handsome poodle, Henry, broke a nail in his hind foot.  Henry had Addison's Disease, so it made his healing complicating.  He ended up immobile in his hind quarters which led to weakness and atrophy.  I wanted to help him, so I bought a canine anatomy book, assessed his movement, and started massaging.  His pain decreased to allow more movement for rehabilitation, and he was running and jumping within weeks!  I knew then I wanted to make other people and their dogs as happy as me and Henry, so I got certified with Treetops and started my canine massage career.

On a more personal level, I enjoy just being at home with my loving husband and our silly kids, watching shows by Michael Schur, reading crime noir, and spoiling all the animals.  

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